Monday, June 7, 2010

Audio: The Battle for the Ancient Mass

Audio: The Battle for the Ancient Mass

Click the link above: Father Calvin Goodwin, FSSP, from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Nebraska discusses the history and struggles associated with the Traditional Latin Mass in this hour long talk.

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  1. A real battle for the Ancient Mass in Diocese of Bandung (Indonesia).

    A small community, around 80 to 120 person try to revive The Ancient Mass (Tridentine Latin Mass), here in Diocese of Bandung. After long preparation, we celebrate our first Mass on the Day of Pentecost 2010. After the historic day, we celebrate the mass at least once a month. But, after months of struggling, we have to stop our efforts to defend our traditional mass. The last mass celebrated on Pentecost 2011.

    In diocese of Bandung, Father Provincial of Crosiers welcome our effort to revive the Tridentine Latin Mass. The spiritual order support us with their chapel (in Jln. Sultan Agung), and one of their priest (R.D. Sukarno) continually gave himself to be the celebrant of the mass. But, because of his health condition, Father Sukarno resigned.

    Lack of priests with Latin fluency (from spiritual order as well as diocese priests) make our struggle even harder. We have chappel, we have an outstanding Schola cantorum gregorianum, but we don’t have any priest to be celebrant of the mass. It’s a tragic and horribly situation.

    Another sad news we received on Sunday, Dec 4th 2011, Our Schola Cantorum Gregorianum received a decision from Cathedral, that pastor of this parochi forbid us to serve in Cathedral. They forbid us because we sing “sacred Gregorian chants” in mass. It really shocking all of our members, how can a Roman Catholic priest forbid a Schola Cantorum Gregorianum sing Gregorian chants?

    Pax tecum.
    Mahendra (